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ShoreTel for Zendesk

ShoreTel for Zendesk

Recommended for:

Any company using ShoreTel (Version 13 and higher) and Zendesk (New and not Classic Edition)


ShoreTel is proud to introduce a cloud-based UC tool embedded within the Zendesk application. ShoreTel call information embedded in Zendesk ticket fields allowing for post processing by Zendesk reporting tools. With ShoreTel Call Control embedded within Zendesk – you can answer, disconnect, transfer, conference, and hold. Along with call control, ShoreTel automatically creates and displays Zendesk tickets to make dialing with in records easy. Click-to-play call audio recordings are embedded in Zendesk tickets (for customers who have deployed ShoreTel Call Recorder). ShoreTel directory integration and call handling gives you a real-time telephony presence.


  • Improve Customer Service
  • Increase agent productivity and shorten response times
  • Leverage integrated analytics to refine business processes
  • Rich, integrated communications from a single application

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